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HNS 2012 photos en masse

The London Eye

Big Ben

Statue of Boudicca

Carol McGrath talks to another HNS member on the open deck

St Paul's Cathedral

The Globe theatre

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Greenwich historic Naval college etc

HNS members at Greenwich

Tales from the crypt!

The painted hall (I'd managed to get detached from the guide's talk
so you'll have to google for details of specifics.

18thC skittle alley

HNS members in the skittle alley

Richard Lee opens proceedings

Richard's audience of HNS members including Gilliam Bagwell,
Lesley Carroll and 'Barbara Kyle.

C.W. Gortner takes the podium

Reception guests L-R.  Top literary agent Carole Blake, Harper Collins
author Joanna Hickson, and author Barbara Erskine

The same as above, but joined by Pia Fenton

Various HNS members including Jean Fullerton, Sourcebooks editor
Shana Drehs, reader Justin Neville and author Ian Mortimer (back left).

Some historical colour.

Diana Gabaldon and Simon Taylor

Philippa Gregory 

The tables for the banquet

Diana Gabaldon and Barbara Erskine

As above

Richard Lee in black tie at the banquet.  Margaret George as Helen
of Troy!

Helen Hollick talks to a couple of likely lads

Carole Blake - my legendary literary agent. 

Carole Blake and Vanora Bennet

Cathy Rentzenbrink

Barbara Erskine's beautiful hair

Barbara Kyle

Heather Lazare and Cathy Rentzenbrink

HNS member asks a question (sorry, I don't know your name)

Sarah Dunant in passionate mode (probably ranting about Twitter!)

Another question from the audience

Rosemary Rach (Morris) and another HNS member

Alison Morton in conversation with a likely chap.

Charlie Farrow behind the scenes

The inimitable Lindsey Davis

Much to ponder

Patricia Bracewell at the mike

Jenny Barden briefly sits down to listen in

Richard Lee with a smile on his face

Wendy Dunn and Diana Ascroft in conversation

Carole Blake and Jules Frusher

Chats over lunch

Jules Frusher

Our Roman expert at the Museum of London

Having it all explained, including Diana Gabaldon and Margaret George

Roman jewellery

Margaret George (left) and two other HNS members

Roman mosaic