Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Armour at the Temple Church

William Marshal II
On a recent visit to the Temple church I took a few photos of the effigies and thought some of the detail might be useful.
I'll be moving to a more permanent blog as soon as I get a moment, together with more pics but these are some e.g.'s of early 13thC armour for now.
I was interested in William Marshal's mail glove with fingers - picture 2. It's the earliest of the effigies. William died in 1219.

Click to enlarge.

The effigy purported to be William Marshal.  Interesting mailed glove
14thC effigy mail hose arrangement
14thC effigy hands in prayer

Marshal son effigy mail hose
Gilbert Marshal shield strap
Gilbert Marshal sword and arrangement
Gilbert Marshal: Serpent gnawing spur strap (he died at a tourney when dragged by his horse).

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