Sunday, 21 August 2011

Chepstow Castle Medieval Furniture

12th century door at Chepstow Castle



Replica late 13thC decor and furniture - apparently.


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  1. Nicely done. The walls and furniture paintings are pretty period. The fake ashlar is exactly as has been found in many castles, churches and palaces, including the edges of doors and windows. I like the trestle table, chair, chest and bed. The ceiling has been plastered over and painted; they would not have done that in the 13th c. I like the Pembroke lion, though. The corbels’ decoration would have repeated on the beams and maybe in between as well. The corbels would nog been filled in either: that’s 17th practice.
    The three cornered stools are too late: late 14th to 17th c. The decorates narrow benches look 15th c as well. I think the stone parts of the hearth would have been painted and/or decorated as well; now it’s a bit of a led down to see such a ‘bare’ part of the wall. The decoration of the chimney with a single royal shield on white is a bit simple, this could have done with a bit of colour too.
    Of course the floor would have been tiled in patterns or their would have been broad oaken planks if this was a first floor hall with no arched cellar beneath.
    I have my doubts about the painted, three tier buffet with no cupboard beneath it. These buffets came only into fashion during the 15th c. They evolved out of the tressoir or dresser, which was a chest on legs with a raised back. The chest with front opening doors was still an important part of the buffet, it was never a table with tiers and a back.
    Main mistake is the bed without curtains and upper cover; no bed was without during the Middle Ages, except for trundle beds for servants who slept in their master’s/mistress’ room.
    I also would have expected some decorated wall hangings. The curtains on one of the walls are probably there to hide something, because that would not have been a fixture in a medieval hall. It’s a bit like the royal hall in Dover Castle, where it hides the bare walls which could not be messed with.

    Hope this helps,